Many commercial cleaning companies do not perform services outside the front door of a business. With Stratus Commercial Cleaning Services, that is not the case! We also offer landscaping services to our clients. When you look for property management services, be sure to choose a company with the ability to meet all the needs of your property.

Curb appeal can add immense value to your business and property. When a property’s exterior is not maintained properly, what was once appealing begins to deter customers and renters from the property. No one wants to walk through tall grass and weeds to get to the door!

Our landscaping services will not only keep grass and shrubbery cut, but we will also maintain plants and flowers on the property year-round. Arete can also plant any new flowers or bushes you would like to add around your property in order to enhance your curb appeal. We will help you maintain the curb appeal of your business throughout the entire year.

At Stratus Commercial Cleaning Services, we do not limit our landscaping services to one season. In the spring, we will work to get your property in top shape for the upcoming summer months. Throughout the summer, Arete can keep your grass smooth and help your flowers thrive. During the fall, we will also rake leaves so they don’t pile up and become unsightly or potentially dangerous when wet. In the winter, we even offer snow removal services to make sure your business or property can prosper all year.

Are you seeking to partner with a reliable, efficient, and detail-oriented team for your landscaping needs? Choose Stratus Commercial Cleaning Services , the commercial cleaners dedicated to maintaining your property inside and out. Request a quote today!

If you have questions about how our landscaping services can send your property over the top, then feel free to give us a call! Our team is happy to help you find the right commercial cleaning services for your specific business or property.