Snow is for skiing – not for walkways. When winter comes around and the snow starts to fall, Stratus can also take care of snow removal. Through our commercial snow removal services, we can make sure the walkways around your property in Denver are clean and safe.

At Stratus Commercial Cleaning Services, we are dedicated to keeping your property running smoothly all year long. By doing so, we hope to help make your business thrive. While some commercial cleaning companies don’t extend their services past the front doors of your business, we offer services to keep your building in top shape inside and out.

Our snow removal services focus on keeping walkways safe for your customers and staff. Without maintaining these areas, you run the risk of people falling and getting hurt, which is something no one wants. Plus, who wants to trudge through a snowy and icy mess? We can add commercial snow removal services to the services you receive from us so you only have to deal with a single property management company in Denver. Stratus does it all.

As a business owner in Denver’s cold climate, you know that snow can get in the way of your business. Next time it snows, let us get your property ready for business. We will improve your environment with every service we perform.

When the winter is over, we can continue to maintain the exterior of your property with our commercial pressure washing, window washing, and landscaping services. Stratus Commercial Cleaning Services is a cleaning company that can serve you no matter the season.

Get in touch today to request a quote and keep your walkways free of ice and snow. If you have questions about how snow removal could make your property safer, then please feel free to contact us. Choose Stratus when the snow starts to fall.